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Stop wasting your money on traditional advertising, instead you should be leveraging the end-to-end advertising trail that techAU offers. Promotions through techAU all feature active links to a link defined by you, that will help you measure the success of the campaign. We’re confident our audience is one of the most engaged out there and buying decisions every single day are being made as a result of the content our site.

There’s a number of options for advertising with techAU and you should select the one that fits your budget and campaign goals. What you should know from the outset, is that we value our readers more than anything, we let the content shine and the design demonstrates that. By keeping advertisements focused and targeted on products and services our readers find value in, ensure advertisements are an extension of the content and service we offer, not a distraction.

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Sponsored post (A$300)

By far the most effective a sponsored post can be content that’s provided from the client, or more often editorial written around stated guidelines of the campaign. We like to keep things visual, so images and video to include in the post definitely help with engagement. Every sponsored posts goes out to through the normal channels (eg. Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Please note, all sponsored posts are clearly labelled as such, as we believe our users are entitled to know when money has changed hands and our readers greatly appreciate that.

You can see examples of other sponsored posts on techAU.

Advertiser block (A$150 pm)

Positioned on every page of the side, an advertiser block can contain an image, animated GIF or text. This is located in the prime real estate of the top of the site and is 980×90 pixels in size. These advertisements will be limited to 1 Megabyte in size.



techAU is one of the largest independent technology sites in Australia and regularly attracts 20-30,000 unique visitors per month. Our social accounts are followed by more than 10,000 fans.

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If your product, service or business appeals to those that love technology (let’s face it, who doesn’t), then please get in contact with us.