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Dan began contributing to techAU in the summer of 2011. He enjoys learning about all things tech-related, and does so five days of every week as a Support Technician. When he isn't writing or working, Dan likes to thumb through tech-related books, play tech-related video games, and undertake tech-related study.

Cortana on Windows 10 spotted in action.

While Windows 10 is not expected to be available to the public until well into 2015, glimpses of what users can expect have been slowly making their way onto the Internet recently. The below video, p...
The Bluetooth icon.

Bluetooth 4.2 specifications approved.

  The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has just announced its approval for the core specification of Bluetooth 4.2, yet another revision of the wireless technology standard we’ve grown wit...
MakerBot Industries logo

MakerBot brings Thingiverse to Android

Who doesn’t love Thingiverse? With such a huge library of Things to choose from, you can always find something that will quench your thirst to print somewhat useful plastic objects. To add to t...