Because, Fu*k you TOLL, Surface3 delayed (Updated)

Update Thankyou to everyone who shared this post, you guys are awesome. I’ve just had a call from the Operations Manager at TOLL who is putting the Surface in...

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Thankyou to everyone who shared this post, you guys are awesome. I’ve just had a call from the Operations Manager at TOLL who is putting the Surface in a car and driving it to Wodonga. It should arrive to my door at 6-6:30pm tonight. This never had to happen and this post should never have been writing, hopefully TOLL and other couriers can change their business practices and train their customer service staff to adequately deal with issues when they arise.


Today is the Australian launch of one of the largest technology products this year. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet is now available but I can’t have mine until tomorrow. The problem is a completely incompetent courier company, TOLL. I’ve had a troubled past with TOLL deliveries and today I furious at them.

After watching the product announcement live online, then reading US reviews, I pre-ordered the Surface 3 through Microsoft’s online store. For those playing at home, I got the Core i5, 256GB model, with a type cover and dock.

On Monday I received a shipping email from Microsoft with a link to the tracking information on TOLL. Watching the progress through the week as we moved towards today’s delivery day, I was baffled when I noticed it had gone from Melbourne, to Adelaide. Adelaide, I mean seriously, what system determines a package destined for a trip 3 hours north, sends it 4 hours west?

How many packages get sent to the wrong location? What the hell is wrong with TOLL’s systems that this is firstly possible, but secondly actually happens. The most frustrating part is they had one job. Get a product to me, in that task, they have failed.

After leaving an email with TOLL last night asking for an explanation,  I am still yet to receive a reply. This morning I called TOLL to investigate and was told they would call back. They did call back and the responses were staggering. I was told that they could offer no explanation for the miss-delivery to Adelaide and that after discovering it was back in Melbourne this morning are now trying to get it to me and the best they could do is tomorrow.

After expressing how unacceptable that situation was, I asked if I could send another courier to pick it up and was told there was absolutely no way that could be done. Essentially my Surface 3 is now being held captive by TOLL. Despite Wodonga only being 3 hrs from Melbourne, I was informed the truck would arrive in Albury at 6:30-7:00pm tonight. I then proposed meeting them in Albury to receive the parcel. I was told that was also not possible as there was ‘no customer service staff available’. Yep, of course not, don’t care, if you had even a cursory understanding of customer service, you’d work out a way for the driver to get the package to me, today.

Unbelievably mad, frustrated and disappointing that a company with a core business of delivering parcels can’t do it.

How you can help
I don’t normally ask readers to do this on posts, but if you can share, retweet and email this on to as many people as you can, that’d be seriously appreciated. This is unacceptable spreading the message will force TOLL to re-evaluate their business processes to ensure they take timely delivery seriously in this country.

Check out the online tracking.



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  • Mathew Taylor
    28 August 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Had I been at work at 7:40am when they tried to deliver mine I could have beaten you to it, but alas, at 8:15 when I rang them having realised they’d been and gone, they said, wait till tomorrow. Sheesh.

  • techau
    28 August 2014 at 12:34 pm

    You have to wait till tomorrow? Surely you can go to the depot and pick it up.

  • Mathew Taylor
    29 August 2014 at 7:10 am

    No, they couldn’t be sure it would be at the depot any time that I could pick it up, so when they said they can just redeliver this morning between 7-8 am, I said fine.

    Then, this morning, they turn up at 6:11am! Who are they kidding? So now I am on the phone AGAIN to try and get it.

    Oh, no, it’s not on the truck at all, it’s still in the depot. Really? Your track and trace said you tried to deliver it at 6;11am!

    These people are HOPELESS!

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