Carboncast v1.3 now available, more features, more fixes

Carboncast v1.3

Carboncast version 1.3 has just reached the WP8 Marketplace. For those who already own Carboncast, then it will appear as a free update, for those that haven’t yet discovered Carboncast, you can try it for free, then buy it if you like.

In the latest release, I’ve responded to more user feedback with more features and also tidied up some code to squash some bugs. Check out the full list of changes below.

Carboncast V1.3 Features

  • Version accent colour updated to Blue
  • Lock screen support added
  • Updated layout of Discover + Search
  • Increased Skip amount from 30sec to 1min
  • Added ‘Cleanup Playlist’ option (reduce app size)
  • Added 5by5 Network
  • Added login to paid podcasts (beta)
  • Added Download subscriptions list via email
  • Added Playback % required before delete 
  • Tap episodes to play
  • Show back catalogue of episodes for subscription
  • Fixed Cancel buttons on download page
  • Reduce the size of the app
  • Many bug fixes

Feedback from some existing users is highlighting there may an issue upgrade from v1.2 to v1.3. An emergency fix (v1.3.1 has been submitted), until that’s approved, existing users may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

The last few versions have been published rather quickly and features have been added rapidly. In the next release we’re going to take the focus off new features for a second and allocate the bulk of time to squashing the remaining bugs. I know there are some, the apps not perfect, but with time it’s going to look mighty close.

Please feel free to keep giving feedback and request new features and come v1.5 Carboncast will be hands-down, no questions asked, the best Podcast app on Windows Phone 8. It has been fantastic to get great review from you guys and flattering that some people think there’s a team of developers behind this, in reality, there’s just 1, me.

Download Carboncast v1.3 now –


  • Anders Lund

    Nice. I’m really glad that you keep updating the app. It’s way ahead of the others. Where do I give feedback?

    What I’m really miss is the following, that ‘prevents’ me from using Carboncast daily. Mostly the first one.

    – Control playback speed for each podcast – or at least set the speed default for all podcasts.
    – Make prioritization of podcasts, so I can set a podcast to be played before other podcasts, even if there is other podcasts that are older/newer. I does not have to be complicated with total control of the order, just a flag on individual podcast, that makes them have higher priority than other.

    Thank you for this great app. Even though I’m not using it yet, I’ve just bought it to show support. I really look forward to more updates. Can’t wait till I can stop carrying my old iPhone around to listen to podcasts. :)

  • Jason Cartwright

    Feedback here is fine, I;m on the end of it. You can also email

    Thanks for checking out Carboncast and you’re kind words. I have made note of your feature requests.

  • Anders Lund

    Great. If you want help to maintain the podcast Networks section, I could add and update the podcasts from
    Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark’s version of BBC), as the have a large libary of mostly Danish shows.

  • Ivan Isaksen

    Best alternative when it comes to podcast in wp8. And the latest version does so many right things. However I have one issue. When downloading old episodes manually from my subscriptions, they won’t show up as downloaded in the subscribed “catalogs”. They will however appear in the playlist and I can play them offline from here, but I can’t go into a subscribed “catalog” and start them from there. Would be nice if this could be fixed in the next version. This is on a Lumia920 btw.

  • Jason Cartwright

    Thanks for the comment, in regards to the playback from existing podcasts, it’s being fixed in v1.4, you’ll have the best of both worlds, to playback episodes from your subscriptions that have been downloaded and go back through the back catalogue to download previous episodes.