Game on: LIFX release developers with access to their API


Things just got very interesting in the lighting industry. Kickstarter come real business LIFX is famous for their multicolored LED Lightbulbs. While their official apps (for iOS and Android) get the job done, that’s really just the beginning of realising their true potential. Now with the release of their Software Development Kit (SDK), developers can get creative in their use of light.

The LIFX API includes some real-world examples such as:

  • Turn off all lights
  • Turn on the light named “Hallway”
  • Turn on all lights that are tagged “Kitchen”
  • Set every light to a random colour
  • Change the colour of a light based on the build status of a project on Travis
  • Turns a light off after X seconds of it being detected turned on
  • Use divide-and-conquer search algorithm to identify a light visually

There’s a mountain of possibilities for using coloured lights intelligently around the home or office. One of the biggest platforms that need to support LIFX is IFTTT, which I’m sure they will after already support Phillips Hue bulbs. Connecting the motion detecting Belkin WeMo to the LIFX bulbs could either create different moods based on the time of day, or could act as a security system for intruders.. Oh the possibilities..

As a developer, I’ve been watching Git for this release and have already begun building. If you have ideas for a LIFX app, let me know.


For more information and to get the SDK, head over to the LIFX blog or head straight to GitHub for the code.

  • jus

    I agree and hope LIFX is pushing IFTTT!