Gears of War 3 experiencing matchmaking issues

GOW3 Matchmaking issues

After completing the single player campaign, over the weekend I tried multiple times to connect to a multi-player game online. Despite there being tens of thousands of players online, Gears was unable to find a suitable game to join. Regardless of the game mode selected, Verses, Horde or Beast the result was the often the same.

“No suitable matches could be found”.

After around 20 attempts, I finally managed to join one match. A 1 in 20 success rate really isn’t good enough, that said matchmaking never has been an exact art, closer to a black art. In this instance, it’s making reviewing this part of the game very difficult.

How has your GOW3 multiplayer experience been ?

  • Gavin

    I’ve not come across any matchmaking issues in the few games I’ve played. I’ve been impressed with the lack of lag when playing co-op too.

  • techau

    Ah that’s great to hear Gavin, I wonder if I’m just in the wrong part of the world and not as many players around me. Will continue to true. Really want to get a review up. Subject: [techau] Re: Gears of War 3 experiencing matchmaking issues

  • Pots

    I’m having the same problem. Playing in Spain. I hope they fix it soon!

  • Perottocalderon

    Same problem, it lasts forever. The same shit of Gears 2 I guess! I hope they fix it man. I’m of Argentina by the way… perhaps that’s the issue lol

  • techau

    Glad it’s not just me getting the error. Seriously hope they issue a fix soon.

  • artarie

    horrible worst gears yet I am a hardcore gearhead with gears everything everywhere i can and im here to say matchmaking in gears 3 “HORRIBLE” and that it was said over and over how polished it is and how much the new server system would cost epic and benefit us. BAAA-HUMMMM-BBBBUUUUGGG I say i feel worse then scorge christmas day

  • Danawenninger

    scorge hahaha:) Skorge=scrouge LOL

  • Emilio Mora Rojas

    Same here, it takes waaaaaay too long to find a match… and it has even disconnected me from XBL 3 times while looking for one. Really hope they fix that thing. Playing from Costa Rica

  • Haqqattack

    Im from the northeast US and I do have all these problems. My success rate is more like 1 in 6 so its not just people in areas with less players.

  • Gbstpr

    it took me over 2 hours of waiting to find ONE match.. ive tried probably 20 times since then with no luck at all even tho it says there are thousands of players online in my region

  • techau

    Wow that’s dedication! It’s clear even from the comments an traffic on the post there is a real issue here.
    Hopefully we’ll get a fix soon.

  • Sanveganz

    Alright , when i join my friend over gow it works ! But when im trying to find a match it take about an hour to find the matxh and then it says waiting for players and after a minute its restarting to finding match !!! Hollllllly shittttttt ,,,,,,, plz fix this i dont have any probleme with other games

  • techau

    Yeah I have seen the same thing. Direct matches with friends are fine, so I think the issue lies in the algorith to find the right matches in your region. There should be an option to ‘join any match’ as in anywhere in the world, you don’t care about ping.

    Subject: [techau] Re: Gears of War 3 experiencing matchmaking issues

  • Jackihiko

    I bought the game yesterday and since then I’ve been unable to join a single match, I end up always playing with bots which is annoying

  • Louis

    this didnt happen to me. I was always playing versus online and it took only 10 secs to find a match…….

  • Nunna

    unable to join the matches unless i join  the session in progress of my friends.

  • Estebanmata1202

    the same bro but i was finding matches before… i cant find, i dont know why ……and my friends, they can

  • kylejarrett

    yes some days i get on gow3 and it would find a match, some days it wouldn’t. now i am at a 2 week stretch of not being able to play this game because it sits there and says the same thing. “no suitable matches could be found” wow epic… wow… please fix asap?.. i bout this game for 65 dollars and now i cant even play it?