Google Voice now available in Australia

Google Voice Australia

No doubt most Google users would be envious of our US counterparts who have enjoyed cheap call rates via Google Voice. Well today Australia gets its turn. Google have officially launched Google Voice for Australia, sadly there is one key exception. One of the best parts of Google Voice is the Google Voice Number.

A Google Voice number allows users to route all their calls through what’s effectively an alias number. This can be handed out to without fear of exposing your actual real number. This may launch at a later date in Australia.. fingers crossed.

So what do we get today? Basically its Google’s answer to Skype out. Google Voice Australia rates are low, charged at US$0.02 per minute to landlines or US$0.10 for calls to mobiles. There’s no initial flagfall charge when a call is connected like a tradition non-IP call.

While Skype pro never enticed me to lay down cash, for some reason Google Voice is enticing, so this afternoon I tried it out. Sure it worked, but call quality wasn’t fantastic in both directions and the mobile carriers can’t be blamed for shotty coverage, this was too a landline. Just be aware of this if your thinking of ditching your landline and going with Google Voice your VOIP solution.


You can access Google Voice through the Gmail interface, apparently there is a plugin to install, but it seems I already had it from Google+ hangout testing. It is annoying call costs and balances are still in US dollars.. baby steps. Buying credit is a fairly simple process, if you try and call without any, you’ll get a link to buy credit. $US10 is the minimum buy if your going to try it out.

Australia wasn’t the only country to get Google Plus today, calling from Gmail is now available to 150 destinations and 38 languages according to Google’s blog post.

More info @ Google Voice via ZDNet

  • Jack Cola

    Really, it’s just being launched? I just read about it on the Google Blog. Thing is, I’ve been able to call people using Google Voice for a while, and I just assumed everyone could. I called myself in December 2010, and it called my phone, but I didn’t answer it to test the quality.

    But Im just going to stick with iiNet Naked DSL with free untimed landline calls – much cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    Pointing out that with the Australian dollar so high against the US dollar, its marginally advantageous for Australians to pay for the service in Australian dollars

  • Rourke_au

    Hmmm available in australia? maybe they should update their servers still getting the message unavailable in your country!

  • Jay

    lies. I’m still getting bounced back

  • Jay

    lies. I’m still getting bounced back

  • techau

    Hi Jay,

    It’s not lies at all. I have it in my account have successfully purchased credit and made calls from within Australia.

  • Aaron

    I’m sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but if you are writing reviews you need to understand the basics of the English language.
    Please refresh yourself on the use of your and you’re. Then look up the difference between to and too.

  • Maxime

    38 new languages… not countries. Still not available in Australia!

  • Jigga

    it be great if you actually included the link to it..

  • Justinflynn

    yeah not sure this is fact

  • Adenosine


  • Wulf

    I gave up trying, bought a Galaxy 10.1 tab instead. Free calls anywhere, comes off my data plan. Might use XOOM as a boat anchor.