Humax release beta software update for 4tune


Humax’s latest DVR, 4tune isn’t standing still with a new beta release of software now available for download. The new release BETA software is available for download from Dropbox and weighs in at 67.8MB. After copying the file (hms1000t_upgrade.hdf) for those playing at home, to a USB drive, just insert it in a rear USB slot and visit Settings > Check for update. The update contains some great refinements to an already great DVR.

Included in this beta release are the following:

* – Stronger pairing with other devices
* – HDMI-CEC On/Off option added
* – UI changes

  • Channel changes and the list closes immediately when different channel is selected on channel list.
  • Channel changes and the Guide closes immediately when different channel is selected on Guide ‘On-Air’ view.
  • Group changes when channel group is selected. (Channel changes when current channel is not included in changed GROUP)
  • Changes in HELP images
  • Playbar appears immediately when skip forward is in operation using left/right navigation key (Excludes TSR)
  • Moving speed can be controlled using a long key during a playback.
  • Retry time reduced when IPEPG download fails.
  • Other minor bugs


After updating my 4tune, things have certainly improved. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is scrolling through channels in the guide. While it wasn’t the biggest issue, it was annoying when your selected guide channel reached the bottom and you tapped down, there’d be a slight delay while the next page of channels was displayed. This has now been fixed and while it may not sound like much, it’s these refinements that make for a much improved user experience that feels incredibly snappy.

The new HbbTV service offers the ability to press a red button and connect the OTA and IPTV worlds in a very seamless way. Launching the Humax Portal to get to apps is certainly faster on 4tune that previous models, but still takes a good few seconds to launch whereas HbbTV is instant. This allows SBS and ABC catchup services to be rapidly accessed. When the service goes live officially later this year, the other channels should join the party, giving digital TV a whole lot more digital on top of that familiar TV.  

Grab the beta software below from

If you are having a problem with ‘random channel/volume change and on/off issue’, you can try an alternate BETA Software –

If for some reason you get tired or living in the future, or have issues and want to revert to the official stable release, you can visit
just remember to turn Interactive TV service (HbbTV) off before you do.


Steps to upgrade SW via USB
1. Download the latest software version and save it to an empty USB memory stick.
2. Please make sure the software is saved in the root of the USB stick.
3. Insert the USB memory stick into HMS-1000T on a rear USB port.
4. Please press Home -> Settings -> System Settings -> System Information -> and press ‘OK’ button on Check New Software.
5. When the download progress stops it may take up to 5 minutes for it to restart so ‘DO NOT TURN OFF HMS-1000T’
6. To confirm successful update, please go to Home -> Settings – > System Settings -> System Information and check ‘Software Version’.

  • Mathew Gregson

    Hi Jason, good breakdown. Any idea when this beta goes stable? I’d like to upgrade, the improvements sound great, but I see on their fb that some have had issues. Also does this beta have a version number? My machine has 1.00.20 (July 18) out of the box.

  • Di

    Hi, I’ve just downloaded the update file (hms1000t_upgrade.hdf) on a completely blank USB, I’ve inserted in the back USB port and followed the instructions but it just says ‘no software update detected’. I’m also having painful problems with recordings cutting off before the end of a move etc. I’ve set the end buffer to 10 mins, but it doesn’t even appear to be adding 10 minutes on to the end!! Please help. Di