Introducing Carboncast, podcasts on WP8 finally done right


There’s a lot of unsatisfied Windows Phone 8 owners and podcast lovers. As a developer, I decided to do something about that and create Carboncast. I wanted the app to be really functional, yet simple all while maintaining a good design.

The great news that the wait for a great podcast app on WP8 is over, with Carboncast now available in the Marketplace today. It’s available around the world at the lowest possible price in each market, in Australia, that’s just A$0.99.

The app has many great features like background audio playback, automatic downloads over WiFi, playlist of the latest episodes, easy subscription to multiple podcasts, discover podcasts via categories or search and it even saves and resumes playback positions. For the best run through of Carboncast features, check out the gallery and video below. Not only does the video contain a hands-on walkthrough of the app, but I discuss my motivations to create the app.

The app leverages the API from podcast directory and if you can’t find a podcast, you can request it. Now there’s nothing left to do other than check out Carboncast, the WP8 podcast app you’ve been waiting for.


You can download the app now from the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace or by heading to


  • Daniel B

    This is seriously going to be huge. I was using PODCAST PRO for a while, but this seriously is awesome!

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  • Mike S

    Looks great! Is there any chance it (like Podcatcher) could pull existing subscriptions from ?

  • Andrew Tech Help

    This app looks great! When I get a WP8 handset, I plan to buy this (currently have WP7 handset). One question: Is there a way to manually enter an RSS feed and subscribe to a podcast that isn’t in the directory? :) I’ve got a few obscure ones that I doubt will be in directories.

  • Henrik Hedberg

    Great app, only hope next update will allow manually adding feed addresses.

  • techau

    Hi Mike,

    Possible for sure, will slot it into a future update.. Stay tuned.

    Sent from my Windows Phone

  • Tim

    Hi Jason, dropped you an email but is there anyway to get at past episodes of a podcast? I have a couple that are half way through a series and I’d like to go back and download earlier episodes as well as having my subscription pick up new ones when they come out.

  • Aussie Tech Heads

    Great looking app – makes me wanna get a WP8 – well done!

  • Jason Cartwright

    Hey Tim, great news.. v1.1 has the ability to set the number of back catalogue to download. It has been submitted and is awaiting approval. Should drop this week with a bunch of other great improvements.

  • Jason Cartwright

    You totally should ! Thanks for your kind words.. tell you friends aka.. the internet :)

  • Jason Cartwright

    That has been added in v1.1 which will arrive shortly.

  • Jason Cartwright

    Thanks Daniel.. many more improvements on the way.. As the dev, I get the benefit of running v1.2 already :) Happy to take feature requests.

  • Kevin Jones

    Hi, wonder if you can help, I have downloaded the app and it was working great, however now it opens briefly and closes down without actually doing anything. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and it is still the same :(

  • Jason Cartwright

    Hey Kevin, that’s really not ok. If you can provide any info about what you did prior to the app crash, that’d help sort it out. v1.2 just hit the store today, just wondering if you had the latest version?

  • Kevin Jones

    Hi, I have deleted the app and re installed the new version, it opens briefly on the splash screen and then closes. The app is installed from the SD card and it has been working, other apps are ok, thanks for getting back to me.

  • Felix Burkhard

    Hi Jason
    Is CarbonCast able to play a podcast track at double speed? I am not alone looking for that feature, sadly missing from the standard player.