working on Windows 8, WP8 apps, signup now


Innovative financial service are creating a Windows 8 app and have a launched a signup form for early beta testers. Ironically the form sits on Google docs, they could have used an Excel form on Office Web Apps, but we’ll let that slide.

For those that aren’t familiar with the service, it largely automates your financial management by connecting your bank accounts and have transactions categorised automatically. This saves you from entering spending each time, while also avoiding errors in the transaction values as they come straight from the source.

In Australia, we have a comparable service called PocketBook, which I hope also has plans for Windows 8 and WP8 apps. Managing your money through the browser is great, but having a touch enabled app for your pocket and larger desktop displays will allow some interesting insights and visualisations into your spending habbits.

The Mint Win8 Beta signup indicates that we’ll see the Windows Phone 8 version in 1-2 weeks time.

If you’re a user, go sign up now –

  • Johan

    Money-pal is like Quicken, Mint and YNAB combined.

    It works with all smartphones.

    I can now enter transactions at the till and also import my non US account and auto sort it to categories.

    They have a free sign up offer for the first 1000 users.