Poll: Which NBN Policy do you prefer?

As we enter a new week it’s time for another Poll. This week we’re asking the readers of techAU which NBN policy you prefer. As we enter the third week of the election campaign, the NBN has had a fairly slim run in the media, probably much less than it deserves as Australia’s largest infrastructure project.

So your choices are between Labor’s FTTP and the Coalition’s FTTN plans. To respond to the poll, just head look for the Poll widget available on every page of the site. As you’re making your selection, forget about your traditional political bias and simply vote on which you think is the better approach.

In short, you’re choosing from a more expensive, longer rollout that delivers faster up/down speeds and a cheaper, faster project, that delivers improved speeds.

Last week’s poll
Last week we asked you what you thought of the new site design. The results we overwhelmingly positive. 55% of people thought it was Excellent, 27% thought it was pretty good, 12% said it was not their flavor and 6% thought it was average.

  • Rob Edgerton

    Just the first “black hole” for the future Abbott’s lack of vision (read policy) has sucked a majority into! (aided and abetted by Rupert M and Roger C of course)