Quad-core Windows 8 slate has, you guessed it, heat vents

Quad-core Windows 8 slate tablet

Microsoft Tech Ed conference in Australia is next week (expect lots of coverage right here), but this week its New Zealand’s turn. Turns out Microsoft spilling the beans on some brand new products. Smarter Geek is reporting that during a session titled ‘WCL101 Come and see the latest and greatest in Windows Devices’ Microsoft’s Jeff Johnson and Patrick Hevesi showed off a new Windows ‘Slate’.

Said to be a quad-core tablet, it brings thoughts of speeds and performance, but naturally concerns about battery life and heat. Naturally any tablet draws comparisons to the market leader, Apple’s iPad, which has been able to avoid these unattractive heat vents. When holding or resting a tablet, people don’t want to consciously avoid blocking that area, but at least on this model, looks like they may have to.

Its interesting to consider the need for a quad-core processor in a tablet. While the PC industry has convinced bigger numbers are always better, when it comes to tablets, is there really a need for quad-core processors and the trade-offs that come with it. More processor intensive applications like video editing are unlikely to be done on a tablet, at least today. There may well be an interface design that would be conducive and potentially faster that traditional mouse and keyboard input, we just haven’t seen it yet.

Details of upcoming devices will continue to flow in the lead up to the Build Conference next month.

Quad-core Windows 8 slate tablet Tech.Ed NZ

More info @ Smarter Geek via All About Microsoft

  • Michael

    Or is the need for a quad core the fact that it may become the primary personal computing device that you hook up/dock when you are at the desk and just continue working right where you left off ?

  • http://techAU.tv Jason Cartwright

    That may well be the case Michael, a convertable, or dockable computer is an idea that’s been around for a couple of years now, I’m yet to see if gain mainstream adoption. Time will tell.

  • Nicole Lee

    Is it good!

  • http://www.facebook.com/juan.manuel.5832343 Juan Manuel

    dude, that guy looks like ribery, the french soccer player from the bayern munich.