Skype’s Twitter and Facebook account gets hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


It’s not a great start to the year for Microsoft with their official twitter account for Skype being hacked. 30 minutes ago they posted ‘Don’t use Microsoft emails(hotmail,outlook),They are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments.More details soon #SEA’ which users were quick to reply to.

The original post was then retweeted by @Official_SEA16 which is the account of the Syrian Electronic Army who are apparently pissed at US spying. It is a little confusing how they believe that’s Skype’s fault. Perhaps they just wanted to tap into @Skype’s 3.1 Million followers, rather than their own account which has just 8,699 followers.

The Next Web are covering the story and captured an even early post on the Skype account that has since been deleted. It looks like whoever’s credentials were compromised were also using the same details for Facebook and the Microsoft Blog as they were both compromised as well. It’ll be interesting to see what the response from Twitter and Facebook is, given they are both US companies and could potentially ban the SEA account.  It’s also possible Skype isn’t the only target, just the first this year.

Microsoft will undoubtedly get back control of these verified accounts, but you should use this as a lesson in security, don’t use the same username and passwords across sites.


More information @ The Next Web