Xbox One update now available

The very first system update for Microsoft’s Xbox One console is now available. Included in the update are fit and finish improvements, as well as some new functionality and...


The very first system update for Microsoft’s Xbox One console is now available. Included in the update are fit and finish improvements, as well as some new functionality and performance upgrades. Unfortunately the first update still fails to deliver the Kinect voice command ‘Xbox On’ to Australians. It also fails to add wireless display technology Miracast (avail in Win8.1), so we’ll now have to look for future updates to add this functionality.

A really nice addition is the ability to see the controller charge levels in the bottom right. These fade away after a set period of time, but can easily be seen again by returning to your start screen. Before this update, your controller charge levels were a bit of a mystery, so glad to see that issue addressed.

One of the biggest changes is the ability to see and manage you’re the content on your console hard drive. This is definitely something we expected at launch of the Xbox One, but has now finally arrived. The full list of updates are available below. The update only takes a few minutes to download and install and to activate it, you may need to turn off your console and turn it back on again. As with all modern updates, they are rolling out across the globe, so if you don’t get it yet, just wait longer.

New/updated Features

  • Update to My Game & Apps to allow sorting of games and application lists, and separate queue lists for games, applications and installs
  • Ability to delete game and application save data
  • Improved installation and DLC management
  • Addition of the controller battery power indicator
  • Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat
  • Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel
  • Update to the boot progress indicators for system update
  • Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress
  • Separate game, application, and install queue lists
  • Addition of USB keyboard support

Stability and performance update

  • Improved NAT detection
  • Network Troubleshooter improvements
  • Blu-ray quality improvements
  • Significant performance and stability improvements


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  • JayJayTG
    15 February 2014 at 9:55 am

    Hey. How did you manage to download the update? Im in Australia to and tried fully turning the console off on energy saver mode and on instant on. Any tips?

  • techau
    15 February 2014 at 11:24 am

    Hey JayJay, I really didn’t do anything spectacular to get the update. After seeing news about the update, I confirmed there’s no way through the interface to force the update (or even check for one), so I signed in and out of Xbox Live, then tried turning off the console and back on again. When the console restarted, the update began automatically.

    It’ll be pushed, but I understand its frustrating not to be able to get it when you’re keen.

  • JayJayTG
    15 February 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Thanks for the reply. Dam wished it could be forced, so keen for this update, well just any update. I just want to get more out of the One as it has so much potential and waiting in so frustrating lol. Hopefully it will come soon! You’re heaps lucky to have it!

  • Agent69 Rulez
    16 February 2014 at 7:35 am

    anyone in victoria got the update yet? still waiting!

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