10 of the best Harlem shakes

Harlem Shake Red Bull

If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. It’s the latest internet meme to take off. The videos all contain the same background song Harlem Shake by Baauer. The videos start off pretty tame, with people going about their day with a someone in a helmet. When the beat drops, everything changes, cut to everyone busting a move with some special internet dance moves.

0. Matt and Kim in New York
That’s right, this top 10 starts from 0, after feedback from James Hutchinson on twitter, I had to update with this one. If you thought others were on a large scale, getting the Harlem shake done at a concert is massive effort. The video is one of the most watched with 680k+ views.

1. Red Bull Racing Australia
It’s hard to explain how awesome this clip is, to get such commitment from all the team members in the garage is simply a stunning effort. I particularly like the guy running around the surfboard from the Gold Coast 500 V8 Supercar race and the guy with a box on his head colliding with the guy surfing a tyre.

2. College Humor
While not the best dancing, there’s extra bonus points for the shear volume of participants in this one. I guess this is one of the benefits of having a big open plan office. Special mentions go to the Angry Bird head of course, but I particularly like the Topolsky looking guy drinking coffee who really does seems almost too cool to join in but was forced to.

3. IGN
Gaming reviews often take many, many, many hours to pull off, so why not take some time out to join in the fun. There’s a lot of great outfits in this video, I guess this is what lays around the office of gaming fans (note to self, get job at IGN). The best players here are the guy in the Masterchief helmet, completing the outfit with a sword and the dude wearing an ironman helmet and doing something with a teddy bear.

4. Norway Military
Even the armed forces are getting in on the action. It’s ok, I’m sure the enemy won’t shoot while your gyrating around in sleeping bags and banging your head against the wall.

5. UGA Men’s Swim & Dive team
How can you go past this version with extra points for difficulty awarded for underwater work.

6. Nebraska car show
While you’re waiting for Fast and the Furious 6 to be released, you might as well hit a parking lot with your friends and show off your suspension testing version. It’s hard to avoid the big YOLO on the car to the right, but some of the more interesting characters are the bunny pushing a shopping trolley and the lost cowboy with a glow stick.

7. Portland University
This is just really well done with so many participants and a well thought out stage, this one is definitely one of the best. Special mentions go to the pimp in the front rocking the puffer jacket while riding a trike as well as the guy waving a lamp around that is taller than he is. True commitment on display in this one.

8. Apple Store
Certainly not the biggest and not the best dancing, but this one gets the ratings all for the location. You see when the bead drops, the Apple employees freak out a little and with that group of strange characters, I probably would to. Especially when you see the guy in the hockey mask, I’d check your stock carefully after they leave Apple.

9. Jimmy Fallon
Props to Jimmy Fallon for being in touch with what the kids are doing. I expect TV presenters in Australia to get on this meme sometime late March after it’s as overdone as Gangnam Style. I’m digging how much Fallon himself gets into this with some bad robot moves in a LNJF hoddie.

10. Western University
The final spot has to go to the folks at WU, with one of the best leadups and a guy wearing an Optimus mask, it’s hard to go past it. There must be a couple of hundred people involved in this one. With amazing colour and all looking super committed to the cause, this truly is one of the best.. go the Linux Penguin.

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