10 of the best WP7 applications [video walkthrough]

The official Twitter app for WP7 frankly could do with some work. Luckily there are alternatives. The best one I’ve found is called Beezz. It has all the standard features, presented in a slick UI. The only thing its missing is a live tile with number of replies.

While WP7 comes with support for Facebook built into the People and Photos hubs, that doesn’t cover all the uses we have for the Facebook. I’d suggest getting the Facebook app for WP7 its a really solid app, does take a little long to load, but all the features you’d expect are available. Also should support live tiles, similar to the People hub.

Anywhere mobile device in my pocket will need to be connected to Google Reader to keep me up to date. Searching the WP7 Marketplace, there’s quite a few apps available that’ll sync with your Google Reader account. My recommendation is one called Flux.

Finally a WP7 app that includes a live tile. Weatherbug on WP7 is the perfect example of why live tiles are great. The current weather and temperature is display on the tile so you can see, at a glance the info you’ll need 95% of the time. Naturally launching the app provides more detailed information like a 5-day forecast, radar and more stats on the current day than you ever needed.

Cocktail Flow

If you enjoy a drink, then this is the app for you. Cocktail Flow beautifully presents drinks, along with the recipe to make it. You can find just the right drink by browsing, searching or the coolest feature – selecting what’s in the liquor cupboard and it’ll show you the possibilities. A great example of using the Metro Panorama UI being used really well.

Xmas Presents
A very timely application, Xmas Presents on WP7 lets you set a budget, add the people you need to buy for, then check them off when you’ve bought and wrapped the goodies. As you add the cost of each present, it comes off the total budget you’ve set. A great solution to a current problem.

The IMDB WP7 apps is actually has more functionality than the iPhone version, something very rarely seen. IMDB for WP7 has all the movie and actor data you’d expect, but also includes cinema details. Showing off the current showing movies at the cinema near you, its great to have 2 apps combined in one and all the movie related content in one place.

World Clock
In today’s online space, we’re often exposed to events that happen all over the world. Its often difficult to find out what time it is around the globe, but the World Clock app on WP7 makes it easy. Just add the locations, the tap on each to view the local time there. The currently selected time is shown brighter while the world map in the background transitions to the new location. Simple and easy to use, its a good solution to the problem, now they need to add world time calculations into the future.

This app picks up where the Zune app ends, the Podcasts WP7 app allows you to browse genre’s or search for your favourites as well as a shortcuts to recently played podcasts. A great, albeit under used part of WP7 is its extensibility. Podcasts use the Zune player to playback media, which means it can run in the background. One of the very few WP7 apps that do.

iFood Plus
Its Windows Phone 7’s answer to Epicurious on iOS. This food application provides you with more recipes than you’ll ever need. If you create an account you can save your favourites, add items to your shopping list or share with friends. The applications tile (although not live) just looks delicious !

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