1Gbps down, 400Mbps up service now available on NBN


    Another gem out of today’s Senate Committee meeting is that 1 gigabit per second services have now been made available to Retail Service Providers. This means that providers like Telstra, Optus, iiNet and others can start offering consumer plans at 1Gbps down and 400Mbps up if they choose. Clearly there’s very limited availability of FTTP that would support these speeds, but if the RSPs decide there’s enough commercial demand, then they would offer it.

    If you were able to sign up for a plan today, expect that premium speed to come at a premium price. One thing is for sure, existing business plans that are incredibly expensive just got made redundant and will soon be much more affordable. Expect monthly prices to be well north of the wholesale price of $150 per month for gigabit speeds on the NBN.

    Oh also if you want a FTTP connection to your new greenfield estate, it turns out the Coalition plan means you will now be hit with an extra $300.

    If you’re keen to get a 1Gbps, the best idea would be to express your interest in a service of that level, loud and clear with your internet provider. If enough users do it, then the viability of services as this speed, may well be practical and therefore offered.

    It is fantastic to see that for those few users with FTTP that technology is not longer the barrier in getting internet service. These lucky households and businesses are now in an environment that allows them to go faster if they choose and all they need to do is pay more for it. Most Australians are currently stuck with the technology (usually copper) that runs into their house.

    Personally I’m on ADSL2+ and if I want more than 20Mbps (actually syncing around 18Mbps down and around 800kbps up), then my only option appears to be to build a new house in a greenfields estate.


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