2 days with a dragon. Watch the gorgeous 6K footage from RED


RED are continuing to make stunning improvements in the world of digital video production. The Red Dragon sensor is capable of capturing footage in 6K quality. Hold on a second, we don’t even have 4K TVs yet. While that’s true, it’s a common trend in video that the source content is captured at a higher quality than playback.

Starting with a seriously high quality source material allows you to crop the frame while still exporting at the compressed HD or even 4K quality. The video below is the first footage released from the new sensor and the bright high frame rate footage is absolutely stunning.

..Every single frame from the DRAGON is 109meg !! @16bit when saved as a tiff from RCX. and at 100 Frames per second, I tell you this… someone has sold there sole to the devil.
If you are a pro photographer, you are mad if you don’t have this camera in your tool box. You quite literally will never miss a single shot.

There is only one way to watch this video, that is with the HD button pressed hard and in full screen.

RED EPIC DRAGON – ITS THE REAL DEAL ! from Mark Toia on Vimeo.

Via Engadget

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