2014 Chevy Volt available for under US$30K.. Holden Volt to cost ??


General Motors in the United States has announced pricing for the 2014 version of the Chevy Volt. It’s list price is just $34,995, a significant decrease from the existing model. In the US federal and state tax credits could see US drivers pay just $27,495 the EV.

So what about the Australian version? The Holden badged Volt in Australia currently costs $59,999 plus on-roads. Although it’d be nice to and game changing, unfortunately we can’t simply copy and paste the US price locally. There are many conditions that would affect the local pricing, first off the US to AUD conversion isn’t promising right now, you’d loose 10% instantly with that translation, then there’s 10% GST and of course stamp duty and on-road costs.

While we haven’t had an 2014 Holden Volt price confirmed, expect the price to remain high. I wouldn’t expect you’ll be getting behind the wheel for less than $50K. If Holden were to be more aggressive about pricing the future-looking Volt, and have a price of around $30K, we might actually see some driving around our streets. At 60K, it’s not goo value for money, but what you get for $30K would be for a lot of Australians.

More info @ Engadget.

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