2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV cut to just US$22,995


Mitsubishi Motors are slashing the price of their only all-electric vehicle, the little iMiev. The price cut in the US brings the price down by $6,130 to $22,995. That sticker price  doesn’t include sales tax and on-road costs. Regardless of these caveats the price of the 2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV could be on the road in the US for around $25K. In Australia, the current offering is the 2012 version which if you were to buy today would cost you A$48,800 and to be on the road with the electron-guzzler for A$ 53,275.

The Mitsubishi iMiEV has struggled to get consumer adoption in Australia, with the major purchasers being business and government departments that are not impacted by the cars limited range. There’s no word on wether Australia will get the 2014 version and the price cut. If we do, an all electric vehicle that gets better range, adds more standard features and be offered at a price under A$30K would be a far more compelling.

When the iMiEV he was first launched in Australia, the price tag started at around the $60K mark. The Holden Volt which combined electric and petrol engines to solve the range anxiety issue, also started around A$60K. In March this year, Mitsubishi revealed a new CA-MiEV concept which they claim could get travel more than 300KM on a single charge. As we know, the timeline from concept to showroom is a long one.

The biggest shakeup to the vehicle market will occur in 2014 when all-electric auto manufacturer Tesla enter Australia. They are also working on a new, more affordable version scheduled for release in the next few years.

More information at Green Car Reports.

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