25 top entrepreneurs & investors celebrate with a song for charity

Entreprenuers Video Song

25 of some of the world’s top entrepreneurs & investors have come together in this video to create a song to celebrate entrepreneurship everywhere. Usually videos like this are terrible, but this one isn’t too bad, although Scoble’s dancing is questionable.

There is also a humanitarian side to the video, with startup Undrip plugging their app around 3/4 of the way through. They are collecting donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. To explain why, there’s a very concise message and appeal.

“Startups are all about making an impact & changing the world. When we saw the extent of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy on so many small businesses, so many pillars of their respective communities, we felt strongly that it was incumbent on our community – a highly connected one in every sense – to devote time and resources to helping our fellow entrepreneurs in need.”

Check out http://lucky.undrip.com/ for more information and a full list of the cast involved. There’s people from Reddit, Dropbox, First Round, Sequoia Capital, Task Rabbit and Kiip (Brian Wong pictured). Check it out, see what you think and love it or hate it, leave a comment.

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