250GB HDD hacked into a Xbox 360 Elite, kids look away

250GB HDD hack Xbox 360 Eliteimageimage

Kids look away, this isn’t something anyone should repeat. One crazy gamer, clearly unwilling to update to a Xbox 360 S has hacked a 250GB hard drive on to his Elite. In what could only be described as inelegant, he punched a hole through the top cover (where the standard 120GB HDD used to be) and ran a cable through to the hard drive connector through a hole to the Xbox.

The hole doesn’t appear to be carefully crafted, but rather just hulk smashed through. To add to the mess, your left with the hard drive handing out the side of the console, rather than the standard hard drive which clips in, moulding nicely to the shape of the console.

This hack resembles a lot of hardcore hacks, proving that just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be. If you have an Elite, just deal with the 120GB drive, if you can’t save your pennies for the Xbox 360 S.

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