2,750 BYD Atto 3 EVs available for Victorians to purchase before state rebate is removed

    Luke Todd, MD & CEO of EV Direct has announced that his company will make several thousand BYD ATTO 3’s available for Victorian EV enthusiasts to purchase before the end of June 30th, for delivery by end of 2023.

    The purpose of this unusual allocation is because the Victorian $3000 rebate for eligible EV purchases finishes at the end of this month.

    Todd commented on LinkedIn:

    “Some good news for Victorians! 2700 Award winning BYD ATTO3’s are still eligible for the $3000 Government rebate this year”.

    “In response to the announcement from the VIC Government to drop the State based EV subsidy, EVDirect has been able to immediately allocate an additional 750 BYD electric ATTO3’s to VIC for delivery this month – and will allocate a further 1950 for delivery by the end of 2023.”

    “This is great news for Victorian’s despite the subsidy ceasing abruptly. Providing a customer is eligible and signs a buying contract before the end of June 30th, there is a 6 month window for their car to be delivered and paid and still be eligible to the $3000 rebate.”

    “This is the first time EVDirect will be able to publicly flex its agile and impressive supply chain capabilities and I am delighted we can support Victorians so they do not miss out.”

    “Such is the strength of BYD and EVDirect’s supply capability the additional 2700 vehicles will not impact on any existing BYD customers, or any other State’s EV supply.”

    More details will be announced tomorrow by BYD Australia’s EV Direct COO Mark Harland. This post updates.

    Neerav Bhatt
    Neerav Bhatt
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