3/4 homes and businesses now able to connect to the NBN, just 57% have

The NBN reached another milestone yesterday, with the network now available to three out of four Australian homes and businesses.

The project is due for completion next year, so this milestone is important to reach in early 2019, if the 100% is to be achieved in 2020. nbn confirmed that 99.5% of Australia’s households and businesses are either in design, construction or are already able to order a service over the NBN.

NBN have released some project highlights including the fact more than 8.3 million homes and businesses are now able to order a service from their preferred RSP. By the end of June, an additional 628,000 homes and businesses are expected to be able to connect to the network, with the bulk of the footprint rolling out in suburbs across Australia’s capital cities.

In the NBN weekly progress report, we see that 4.8 million have actually activated services on the NBN. That’s just 57% of the total people who could connect, have connected. While the rollout is clearly powering on and look on track to hit the revised 2020 timeline, the adoption rate needs to be a focus of attention for NBN and RSPs going forward.

As we enter the final stages of the build and we scale up in metro areas, we are pleased to announce that nearly three in four Australian homes and businesses are now able to experience the benefits of fast broadband by connecting to an nbn™ plan through a retailer today.

We are committed to a more connected Australia, bringing access to fast broadband to more than 40,000 new homes and businesses every week.

As we connect Australians like never before, we’re starting to see the benefits of fast broadband. Our Connecting Australia report, conducted by analytics firm Alpha Beta, suggests the network is helping to drive economic benefits with an estimated $10.4 billion additional economic growth in 2021 and an estimated 31,000 new jobs by 2021.

Over the coming months, many Australians, will see NBN Co contractors performing construction work in their community, building the infrastructure that will provide them fast broadband services over the nbn access network.

For those who are already able to connect but who have not yet done so, we encourage you to make the switch now, to start experiencing the benefits of fast broadband sooner than later. It’s important to do your research to ensure you’re on the right speed and data plan for your broadband requirements, as well as take some simple steps such as checking your in-home set-up.

NBN Co’s Chief Network Deployment Officer, Kathrine Dyer

Check, Select, Connect: Tips to help improve your in-home broadband experience

  • Step one: check your internet usage before connecting to an nbn™-powered plan from a phone and internet provider. It’s important to choose a speed based on the usage of your home or business. People should think about evening usage, particularly between 7pm and 11pm when internet traffic is at its peak, how many people will be online together, as well as the devices being used and the purpose they are being used for.
  • Step two: select the right plan, in terms of speed and data, from your phone and internet provider. Once you have checked your usage, you should get in touch with your phone and internet provider to see which plan has the speed and data that best suits your home or business needs.
  • Step three: connect and put your modem in an ideal place,then check your in-home set-up. The placement of your Wi-Fi router/modem and the quality of your existing in-home cabling may help improve your online experience. Make sure you put your Wi-Fi router/modem in a central position, away from thick walls and furniture.

The rollout of the nbn access network is scheduled to complete in 2020. For more information about when the nbn access network will be available in your area as well as how to pick a package that suits the needs of your home or business visit the nbn website.

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