$30k gaming room.. more like an arcade in your home


You’d be hard pressed to find an Australian home that doesn’t have some kind of gaming setup. There are some of us that like to take things to 11 though and have the money to do so. This ultimate gaming room cost a cool $30,000 to create and features some seriously impressive hardware.

If you’re after a few new friends, what better way than to build video game arcade / internet cafe in your house. LAN gaming is nothing new, I’ve certainly been part of quite a few over the year, but this is on a whole other level. The video below makes the 15 yo version of me cry out inside in want, or is that need!


The Maxishine Gaming Room contains:

  • Synology NAS – 10x3TB drives
  • 4 killer desktop systems featuring water cooling, too many cores to count and GPU power to melt your face
  • One desktop setup with a 42” LG HDTV
  • Logitech gaming keyboards and mice
  • In the corner lies a true racing rig with 3×30” LCD’s
  • Fanatec racing setup, complete with REV burner gauges and CSR Elite wheels and pedals, Thrustmaster shifter and Frex handbrake all operated while sitting in a Bride racing seat.

While you may feel like a gaming master with an impressive room like this, you better have your appology letter written for when your neighbours loose power. “Ooops, sorry I was gaming” would be a good place to start. At least you can invite them to join in on the fun.

The YouTube description explains that this setup wasn’t purchased all at once, but added to and evolved over time. Naturally this is a much more affordable way to achieve a room like this. My question is.. what’s the price of entry ?

More info at http://www.youtube.com/user/maxishine via Kotaku.

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