6tagram 1.0 submitted, waiting approval.. (Updated)


    6tagram is reportedly blessed by Instagram, the fully featured 6tagram will solve the much criticised lack of Instagram on the platform, but still won’t be official. Sure it’s not made by Instagram, but having their blessing means it’s much more likely to not be pulled. The good news today is that developer Rudy Huyn has published version 1.0 to the Windows Phone Store. and should arrive in the next few days.  This moves the app out of beta to be publicly available internationally once it’s approved (come on Microsoft).


    Clearly Nokia are on-board with the 6tagram train as well, Update: Nokia blog is not run by Nokia, but they have published a decent hands-on preview of the app on their YouTube channel. It’d be smart of Microsoft to hit the express button on this approval as some users will not touch the platform without Instagram support.

    The app will be free, but contain 2 in-app purchase options. One to remove ads and one to add video support.

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