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Tesla Model S

This week New York Times reporter John Broder gave a fairly critical and widely regarded as a flawed review of the all electric Tesla Model S. Sparking the controversy the feature image on the post was the Tesla being towed away apparently falling short of the intended journey.

You can go and read the full story if you like, it’s been well covered with dramatic back and forwards online between Broder and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. The long and the short of it is that the high profile “review” had serious differences to that of the vehicle’s logs.

At this point those who believe in an all-electric future are pretty mad at what is framed as a ‘real world’ test drive, but lands much closer to a heavily biased review that seen Broder make so strange decisions. Those decisions in driving behaviour were likely the result of how the Tesla ran out of power, not because there’s a fundamental product flaw.


7 Tesla Model S Owners have now set out Saturday 2/16 (US time) to recreate the NY Times Reporter’s test drive from Maryland to Connecticut and prove it can be done. The group are tweeting their entire journey and vehicle stats like speed and estimated mileage remaining. A tweet just 26 minutes ago says that during their overnight stop, only some of them are charging.. this is about to get interesting.

Hopefully this puts and end to the bickering and shows once and for all, who is telling the truth. While range anxiety is a serious issue, intentionally creating scenarios that go against common sense (i.e. not pulling in to recharge when the battery is low) is a sure fire way to ruin your credibility as a writer and certainly a car reviewer.

Apparently it is possible to find an electric charging station along the way, the guys posted a video to prove it.

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