A white Nexus 4 and Android 4.3 coming on June 10


    Although it wasn’t officially announced at Google I/O, Android and Me have managed to get their hands on a White Nexus 4 which they say is a direct carbon copy of the previous Nexus 4, just with a different colour casing.

    They also learned that the White Nexus 4 will hit the Google Play store on June 10 and Android 4.3 will come with it.

    Most people expected Android 4.3 to be announced at Google’s big keynote yesterday morning, but it seems Google intentionally bumped it from the show. There isn’t really that much known about Android 4.3, other than the fact it will only be a fairly minor update just like 4.2 was.

    Android 4.3 should be pushed to all current Nexus devices when it goes live next month.

    Source: Android and Me

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