Jason Cartwright

Journalist / Developer

Back in 2006, Jason created techAU.tv which later became techAU.com.au as a platform to passionately cover technology news from Australia and around the globe.

Thanks to international timezones, that often requires 3am starts to the day, long nights and often travel to cover events. Located in the regional city of Albury Wodonga, writing about technology has taken Jason across the world to the United States, Taiwan, Singapore and Shanghai.

Along with event coverage, Jason also writes extensive product reviews and covers everything from hardware, software, games and gadgets to startups and acquisitions. By running an independent site, it allows him to cover products and services from companies that innovate, that push the boundaries of what’s possible and that change industries for the benefit of consumers.

With a strong background in multimedia development, recent years seen Jason turn his late nights into an opportunity to development applications, publishing a number of apps to the Windows Store.

techAU is your source for technology news from Australia and around the world. The content stretches a wide range of areas including gaming, hardware, software, web, social networks, gadgets, phones, and a whole bunch more. There will always be a strong focus on presenting information in a very visual way, so if your after 1000+ word blocks of text, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Wherever possible, content is written by people who use the products and services discussed, some sites rely on re-hashing press releases, techAU is far from that. Having hands-on experience enables for a much more comprehensive detailing of the features and downfalls of product or services. Also using something over an extended period of time can often lead to a different opinion than using it for a day or two.

If you would like to have your product or service reviewed on techAU, please contact me.

Located in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, techAU began in March 2007. Initially the website was very simple, providing a download location for the podcast. An evolution of techAU in July seen a site redesign to include a blog, as well as a feeds page. Since then the site has grown to cover all aspects of technology with a strong consumer focus.

In 2011 a number of great writers were brought on-board to give readers even more great content. These writers are listed in a block on the right hand column.

Countless hours go into the creating of content for techAU, so naturally we want it to be seen by as many people as possible. We are always interested in discovering new avenues to get content out to more readers and video out to more viewers. If you would like to share techAU content, go right ahead, just be sure to link back to techAU.