Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta released, some killer new features

Photoshop CS6 beta Tiltshift

Adobe has unleashed its latest version of Photoshop on the world. Sure it’s currently the beta bits, but it does provide our first hands on with a Creative Suite 6 product. The 1.7GB download for Windows or 984MB for Mac, is available from

Check out the video below from Senior Creative Director, Russel Brown who steps you through some of the awesome new features on offer. If you had any doubt that you couldn’t believe what you see in photos, check out the wild new Content-aware move tool. This allows you to move entire objects, then content-aware fill takes over to fill in the gap left behind based on the objects around.

Adobe CS releases are usually on an 18 month schedule and often professionals will skip a version, but this looks like one version of Photoshop worth the upgrade. Another great features include the ability to apply Tiltshift effects in post, meaning you may be able to skip on that expensive tiltshift lens and turn cities miniature within PS CS6.

As we’ve already reported, video support is coming to Photoshop in a big way. Brown even mentions that the interface now looks similar to Adobe Premiere and with the rise of DSLR video, there’s certainly a product overlap. For serious video editing you’ll still jump out to Premiere, but for quick edits, Photoshop may get you by. This is important when it comes to the skew of CS you choose. Most time design professionals are forced to opt for the expensive Master Collection, just to secure Premiere.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta from Adobe Labs.

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