Adobe Photoshop CS6 goes dark, brings new tricks

Photoshop CS6

Senior Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Hughes has shown off a sneak preview of Adobe Photoshop CS6. There’s a brand new default look to the interface, this time round it’s much darker. Hughes says it’s designed to allow for a more ‘immersive experience’ that lets the interface to fade away and the images to be the focus point.

Also detailed in the video below are some new features including a new processing tool for RAW support, with many of the features being completely rewritten. Although CS6 is still some time away from release, the new RAW engine is actually the same one used by the Lightroom 4 beta which is available as a free download from Adobe Labs.

There’s also a new rich cursor support, this provides information about brush diameter, hardness and opacity so you’ll know exactly what to expect when using the brush tool. It’s really early days for CS6, so expect there to be plenty more teasers in the lead up to its release, for now enjoy the 2:25 of video.

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