AFL Live 2011 trailer released, misses the mark

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With the comments getting pretty heated today I wanted to make it clear, this post is not a review of the game and was never branded or intended as such. I’d be happy to get early access to the game and review it in full if Mr Symons wants to provide one. If that doesn’t occur, I’ll be purchasing a copy of the game and review it when it becomes publicaly available.

Australian Football Rules fans rejoice, there’s a brand new Aussie Rules video game on the way. AFL Live 2011 has a release date of April 21, 2011 and will be on PS3, Xbox360 and PC. The disappointing thing about the game’s release is that it falls almost a month after the 2011 AFL season has begun. Its a missed opportunity as the most fanatical football fans / gamers, would have loved to play each round alongside the real game.

Another disappointment is the quality of the game itself. Check out the trailer below released yesterday by PlayStation Australia. The skin tones and textures are extremely low quality on low-poly player models, certainly by today’s standards. Player movement also looks sluggish and jerky using low-framed animation cycles, poor crowd diversity and player contact collision detection.

We’ll have to wait to get hands on before a final verdict, but lets hope the developers Big Ant Studios haven’t wrecked a game about one of Australia’s most popular sports. Check out the full list of history of AFL video games on Wikipedia, its an impressive history dating back to 1991, one can’t help but think EA Games should have been all over this.


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