Alan Jones sponsors have their Facebook Pages flooded with complaints

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The Facebook pages of 2GB sponsors have been flooded with calls for them to drop advertising on the radio network. Many customers posting that they feel so strongly that they won’t buy from that brand until they drop sponsorship from Alan Jones’ show. have been running a petition calling for the sacking of Alan Jones which has now passed 30,000 50,000 signatures. Given Alan Jones is a major investor of 2GB’s parent company, his sacking is unlikely but with advertisers running away, the bottom line may make the decision for them.

There’s also a Facebook page calling for the sacking of Alan Jones and has posted the details of all sponsors. A page which was removed from the official website. Some brands are reporting they’ve had thousands of emails to add to the Facebook and Twitter posts (#boycott2gb).

You can see some of the posts at the links below, the impact of which will be interesting to watch.

Hyundai Australia:
Virgin Australia:
Harvey Norman:

Telstra have just announced they are also pulling advertising from the Alan Jones show. This is a result of feedback from the public. This is a great example of social networks doing their job and allowing your voice to be heard. 

Telstra pulls advertising from Alan Jones

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