Amazon after dark: the adult side of #AmazonAustralia you won’t find in categories

With the launch of Amazon in Australia today, there’s a healthy offering to choose from, with some 20 categories as a starting point. In reality, Amazon Australia actually stocks more than what’s available in the category list and some of those products are very adult. When I think of Amazon, I think of technology and electronics, but this may be one of their most profitable categories for Amazon.

Amazon is really a platform for companies to sell products to customers and those customers have a diverse range of needs. So if these don’t show in categories, how do you go about finding some after dark specials ? The answer is – Search.

As an example, try searching for condoms, or just straight up sex. To shield the eyes of young ones, the search results will often take an additional click to confirm the user is ready for adult results. I’ll let you do your own price comparisons, but in terms of competition for Australian retailers, the adult genre poses one of the biggest threats to traditional retail stores for this type of purchase.

For a category that’s hidden, it seems the adult one has one of the highest item count of any with the search result from ‘sex’ displaying more than 400 pages of content. By comparison ‘games’ has 34 pages. The items come from a variety of providers, but for the consumer, buying from Amazon offers discreet delivery of those special ‘gifts’.

As a word of warning, Amazon aren’t automatically hiding these items from showing in your recently viewed list, so if you regularly browse in front of others, best you moderate that list, or use ‘In Private’ browsing while doing you ‘research’.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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