An end to the rumours, iPhone 5 launch event confirmed for September 12th


Well it’s finally time to put the rumours to bed and get some official word from Apple. The company has invited select press to the event in San Francisco. The long-awaited iPhone 5 details will finally put a rest to the months of rumours of what the latest Apple device has inside.

The keynote kicks off on September 12th 10AM PT (US time), inconveniently this co-insides with Microsoft’s Tech.Ed Australia conference. That aside, you can be sure we’ll be all over this one, with more interest than god, pent-up frustration from waiting has almost reached boiling point.

Leading into the event, once again many of us find ourselves only 12 months into a 24 month contract and are asking ourselves will we upgrade. With strong competition from the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G announced yesterday and new Windows Phone 8 hardware coming from Nokia tonight, Apple need to be bold.

It has to, not should or may, but has to have two key things. NFC and 4G. They can increase the speed of the CPU/GPU or add more megapixels to the camera. They can add a fifth row of icons and change the dock connector, but no other technology will be as transformative to the experience as NFC and 4G. Let’s Apple learnt from the iPad 4G problems and actually supports Aussie 4G bands.

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