And that’s how search works, Google’s index of 30 trillion pages


Google have released a new site called ‘inside search’ which uses a 3 part, info-graphic style pages to explain the amazing technical challenges that searching the internet entails. Google’s search indexes more than 30 trillion pages which contains more than 100 million gigabytes which all builds to an index. The way your able to search the entire web in just 0.25 seconds is that you search across an index, not all the pages.

As you search Google uses sophisticated algorithms to analyse your input and compare it against the relevant items in the index. Each result is given a score based on Google’s secret sauce containing more than 200 herbs and spices including Site & page quality, freshness and users settings like safe search.

With 7 Billion people, it is staggering that more than 3 billion searches are run every day. Your can read the story of Google Search and enjoy the graphics all at or check out a video of how Google tweaks their algorithm in the video below.

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  1. “With 7 Billion people” doesnt mean they all have computers. And you also forget some countries dont use google. There was some info a while back that something like 20% of italians had access to a phone. This was some 90s info. And the fact that old stats are discarded is tragic because just as some event occurs in a place by some people it happened at a certain time.
    And the paradygm of that time is never the same. People with big brains putting lives on hold so then they can use them when they feel it suits them. Pretend its a medical act. …

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