Apple announce a new 12” Gold MacBook with Retina


    Apple have just announced a band new MacBook which comes in three colours.. GOLD and space grey and silver. The lightest mac ever made, it’s just 13.1mm compared to 17.3 (or 24%) thinner. The keyboard now runs from edge-to-edge and Apple have redesigned a new key design that has no wobble left to right, the only movement is a straight up and straight down. Apple says this will make your typing more accurate. These keys now have far less travel, so for those fans of how Apple keyboards feel, it may take some adjusting.


    The new Macbook will feature a Retina display, a resolution of 2340×1440. The screen size will be 12 inches so lands at 228ppi. There’s a new trackpad that allows for better touch interactions (still no touchscreen) that allows you to do new things in OSX. Phil Schiller showed off how pressing harder on a fast forward button will speed up, solid idea, but these interactions are probably few and far between.

    There’s no fans on the new MacBook, a massive improvement. If you’ve ever used a MacBook Air, you’ll know how loud it can be when doing performance intensive tasks. Inside the metal body is a new Intel Core M, 14Nm 1.3Ghz processor that lives on a completely redesigned logic board. This is 67% smaller than current boards, this allows far more room for battery.

    Apple claim ‘all day battery life’ but that really means 9 hours web browsing and 10 hours movie playback. Sorry Apple, my days are longer than 10hrs.


    Apple are once again changing the connectors. If you follow Apple, you’ll be used them ruthlessly pursuing new connection types to fit thinner bodies. There’s now a new USB-C type connector that can do power, ethernet, data, all from the same port. The connector is 1/3 thinner than the current lightning connector.

    Pricing for the new 12” MacBook is US$1,299 for the 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. For US$1,599 you can get the 512 GB SSD starting from April 10th.

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