Apple is officially in the News business, coming to Australia


    Apple have just announced a new pre-installed app for iOS, News. Despite many apps already in the space (and an entire App Store category) like Flipboard which a lot of commentators are now predicting the death of. The pitch is that Apple News keeps all your favourite publishers, topics, and genres in one place. News has the latest stories, articles, and posts, with over a million topics to choose from.

    The more you read, the better News is at showing the stories you care about most, just like when you buy apps, and get recommendations, reading articles will let News know what you like reading. Articles in News combine interactive stories with beautiful editorial layouts, photo galleries, animations, and video.

    Something important that’s missing from the News app, are ads. This hasn’t stopped a number of content providers from signing as launch partners. Don’t worry Flipboard, you’re multi-platform support will always serve you well over a sub-set of the overall market.

    The app will be rolling out in the US, UK, and Australia.

    Rolling out News in the US, UK, and Australia.


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