Apple release new iPhone / iPod Touch firmware – 1.1.4 (updated)

    According to the iTunes dialog, 1.1.4 simply contains bug fixes. However it’s much more likely they needed to fine tune things prior to the SDK being released.


    It’s a decent one to, weighing in at 165Mb, there’s gotta be some serious changes in 1.1.4, a lot of those no doubt, are under the hood.

    Status - 165.5Mb

    I’m installing now, I’ll update this post if I find anything interesting.

    Extracting software

    Backing up

    Peparing iPod for software update

    Updating iPod software
    Verifying updated iPod software


    1 new feature, the rest just bug fixes.

    So there is one new addition in the 1.1.4 firmware – Exchange support. I you go to Settings > Mail > Add new Account, you’ll see there’s 3 options now. IMAP, POP, Exchange.

    Note: I haven’t had the opportunity to try this, but given it’s located to the Mail area, I doubt it includes your calendar items.

    Other than that 1.1.4 firmware really does just seem like bug fixes. One of my biggest was a date/time issue.

    If I opened iTunes, then put the laptop to sleep, then wake it up later and sync again, when I then disconnect the date and time on my iPod Touch are from when I originally launched iTunes. Haven’t seen this since so hopefully it is fixed for good.

    Via TUAW

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