Apple rumoured to release $799 MacBook Air in Q3

File this one as a rumour.

Tech site Digitimes has yesterday reported that Apple is preparing to blow the latest influx of ultrabook competitors out of the water by manufacturing another addition to the MacBook Air family. This low-cost, low-power ultrabook is — reportedly — set to be unveiled in the third-quarter of this year, and will sport a price tag of just US$799, according to “sources from the upstream supply chain”.

Currently, consumers are able to purchase Apple’s MacBook Air from just US$999 (for a unit with an 11-inch display), so the idea of yet another ultrabook from the California-based tech giant certainly raises questions and eyebrows. Of course, if this device is manufactured and thrown onto shelves by the end of the year with a price tag of $US799, how much damage could Apple inflict on other ultrabook manufacturers’ sales? In addition, what hardware can we expect to see inside such a low-cost, Apple device? As this is a rumour, only time will tell (as cliche as that sounds).

Do you like the idea of yet another MacBook Air becoming available to consumers? Will buyers have to trade “power for price”, when compared to similar ultrabooks? Please, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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