Apple supersizes – 16GB iPhone, 32GB iPod Touch

    Well look what happens when u go to sleep in Australia, you wake up to an Apple surprise. Well not really the Apple store was down last night which got the rumour mill in a frenzy, suspecting apple was beefing up their product line.

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    Really surprised they missed MacWorld for this one, but Apple have announced a 16GB iPhone and a 32GB iPod Touch. No other changes, just the extra storage.

    Available now, the iPod Touch now comes in 3 flavours.

    • 8GB – A$399
    • 16GB – A$499
    • 32GB – A$629

    So naturally you’ll be paying a hefty premium for the largest version. Personally I have come wanted to carry more content than my 8GB can hold, but I think it’ll be quite a while before I’d be needing 32GB.

    The iPhone options are:

    • 8GB – US$399
    • 16GB – US$499

    The extra US$100 isn’t bad value to double the size.

    Apple please release the iPhone in Australia, even an announcement of when it’s coming would be a great start.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021

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