Apple takes iOSification one step 2 far with iCloud


With the latest release of OSX Lion we seen a number of elements from the iPhone / iPad reach the desktop. It seems Apple aren’t content with that, they want to bring the iOS style to the web, with the launch of for developers today. The UI design pretty closely replicates that of iOS.

While big, touch friendly icons make a lot of sense on a touch-enabled device, but not a lot when it comes to a web interface. Sure they are pretty and glossy, but using alert dialogs that mirror iOS notifications is just taking this iOSification a step too far. Calendar, Contacts and Mail also replicate what we see in iOS.


Apple’s iCloud will store and sync content (your photos, videos, music, contacts and other files) between your Apple devices. Prices for additional storage on iCloud was revealed today with the developer release of iCloud.

  • 5GB – Free
  • +10GB – $20/year
  • +20GB – $40/year
  • +50GB – $100/year

While iCloud replaces Mobile Me, Apple doesn’t currently allow users who associated their Apple Account with Mobile Me to upgrade. That functionality will arrive in a later beta / final release. Check out the video below to see iCloud in action if you don’t have a developer account.

iCloud will be available to the public when iOS5 and iPhone5 ships later this year (September or October depending which rumour you believe).

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