Apple looking to release multiple iPhones with bigger screens


In the wake of the launch of Apple’s latest iOS, it seems like there are new sources that have informed Reuters that Apple is looking into producing an iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen as well as a Galaxy Note competitor device with a 5.7-inch screen. Reuters has also been informed by its source that Apple is looking to introduce a cheaper, $99 (We’re pretty sure that’s US on contract price) model in a wide range of colours.

The media outlet also added that these moves are still under discussion, but they show that Apple is trying to regain marketshare from its arch-nemesis, Samsung, which has been smashing the market lately with its flagship 5-inch Galaxy S4 and 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II device alongside a range of inexpensive devices for emerging markets – all types of devices that Apple doesn’t make.

It’s still unclear whether Apple will actually go ahead with its plans, but it will definitely be a big change for the company’s mobile lineup, especially since the late Jobs’ claims that “3.5-inch is the perfect size”. If these do go ahead, don’t expect the devices until at least 2014.

Source: Reuters

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