Apple vs Samsung verdict: Apple winning. “Samsung did infringe Apple patents”


After months of fighting in US courtrooms, finally we have a decision. While the ultimate question is, did Samsung copy Apple, there are some 700 individual decisions needed to be made by the jury.

The decision has just been handed down that Samsung did indeed infringe on some of Apple’s patents. Each individual patent infringement on each device will have its own ruling.. there’s a long list to get through. So far the decision is very much going in Apple’s favour.

These outcomes will have wide ranging consequences for the mobile and consumer electronics industry.

When it comes to the trade dress of tablets, that is the Galaxy Tab creating confusion in the market for customers looking for the iPad. In this instance, Samsung won that decision so no impact in the tablet space.

On the issue of intent, Samsung was found guilty of wilfully copying Apple, would be hard to see otherwise given the internal documents produced during the trial. This will have a big impact on the financial penalties.

There were also a number of counter claims from Samsung that Apple had infringed some of its patents, but they were all found in the negative.

Samsung has been fined a staggering 1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars, awarded to Apple for damages.

Stay tuned for the appeal.

For a full recap of the decision, check out the live blog from The Verge.

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