Apple’s got something little to show you, iPad mini event Oct 23rd

iPad Mini event

Apple have sent out invites to journalists for October 23rd. The invite has the tag line “We’ve got a little more to show you.’ The focus is clearly on the little, alluding to the much rumoured and leaked smaller version of the iPad known as the iPad Mini.

While I still don’t see the need for a smaller iPad, many people rave over the 7” competitors. I’m happy to be proven wrong and told why someone with a Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone needs yet another Apple device in my life.

The live blogs will be in full force once again and the internet is sure to break with the influx of traffic.

The timing of the announcement is no mistake, on a day that Microsoft hoped to own with it’s Surface announcements, Cupertino wasn’t going to let Redmond get away with that. It’s important to not that there is no sub 10” version of Windows 8 devices, so if Apple are right in going smaller, it’ll be an interesting battle to watch.

More information @ Gizmodo AU

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