Apple’s WWDC starts tonight, strap yourselves in for a good one


Each year Apple’s developer conference promotes the successes of the past as well as pitches new developers on developing on their platform.

Dubbed ‘The epicenter of change’ this year’s conference is shaping up to be one of the most important for the company. WWDC 2015 is likely to be the coming out party for Apple Music, a service that allows people to not only buy music, but finally they’re getting around to streaming. The thousand pound gorilla in streaming is Spotify, but after Apple bought Beats, it’s time to bring the power of Apple to the service and go head-to-head with the market leader. Fingers crossed they don’t make the mistake of tying it to iTunes.

Apple announce and discuss the future of iOS and OS X. While the keynote is the showcase piece that will blanket the news cycle tomorrow, WWDC actually runs fro June 8-12th in Moscone West, San Francisco and features more than 100 technical sessions, over 1,000 Apple engineers, hands-on labs, and the Apple Design Awards.

The most acute developer discussion Apple needs to have is regarding the Apple Watch. With customers who ordered just hours after it was announced, still waiting for their devices, we are still year to hear sales numbers for the watch. If Apple is to convince a broad-base of developers that the watch is worth their time, Apple need to detail the success of the new platform.

As the number 2 platform in the world, iOS has some catching up to do compared to Android. With Google’s recent announcement of Android M, the world will be watching for the details of the upcoming iOS9. With battles between the two operating systems crossing many fronts, including AirPlay vs Chromecast, CarPlay vs Android Auto, iOS on Watch vs Android Wear and Apple Pay vs Android Pay, it’s a serious battle that extends to devices far greater than just mobiles and tablets.

WWDC will be streamed live so if you couldn’t make it to the very limited event, then get your Apple devices ready to stream live.

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