Application installs in Windows 7 can contain Gadgets

Windows 7 Gadgets

In the Windows 7 developer guide, a new feature has been revealed, Gadgets can now be installed as part of application installations. Along with the standard options of creating Program Menu and Quick Launch shortcuts, developers can now include the option for users to install an associated Gadget.

As we know the Vista Sidebar for gadgets will disappear and gadgets will live be located on the desktop. A new Windows 7 feature – Quick Look, will allow users to quickly access gadgets by making active windows transparent, revealing the Gadgets underneath.

“in Windows 7, it’s even easier for applications to install gadgets. In Windows 7, an application can programmatically add a gadget to the Windows Desktop during application setup or first run. This means that an application’s out-of-the-box experience can include a simple checkbox, for example, to install a companion gadget that is available on the desktop as soon as the application is ready to be used.”

Microsoft also claim gadgets will be easier than ever, but really what we’re after is for better quality, useful gadgets. Time will tell.

Check out the Windows 7 Development Guide

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