Astro Kickstarter delayed, not arriving by Christmas

Astro Kickstarter

One of the dark sides of Kickstarter is the risk you take in investing in businesses that are still being built. This means everything from mass production to distribution logistics has to be organised all while building a business and delivering a project on time and in budget. In update #8 on Astro: Time-Lapse + Motion Control, project owner Oscar Ramirez has posted a 5 paragraph explanation of a delay to the project.

In previous updates we were excited to hear the development had lead Astro to use stronger gearbox which allows the use of larger, heavier cameras. Ramirez now explains that with the new design is still being prototyped which he expects to receive in the next few weeks. The plastic, aluminium and electronics suppliers are now in place and ready for the final design.

Apparently the original deadline was set before the Kickstarter campaign when the expectation was 500 would be sold. Given the larger volume and changes to the product, the original timeline could no longer be met. Whichever way you slice it, people will be annoyed by the delay, as that photographer’s Christmas present won’t arrive in time. 

As a backer of the project I am disappointed in the delay, yet also understand that with Kickstarter almost nothing is guaranteed. The worst part about the delay is that we don’t even have a new ETA for Astro.

Astro Kickstarter

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