Asus adds Qi wireless charging and world first removable built-in UPS


There was a couple of interesting releases from Asus at Computex in relation to case design. The first was Qi wireless charging added to the device bay on top of the case. This allows Qi compatible phones like the Lumia 920 to be dropped on top of the case and charge without connecting those pesky wires.

The second was a world first build-in UPS. While Uninterruptable Power Supplies are nothing new, they’ve always been external units. Well Asus has another idea, making them part of the PC. Credit where credit is due, they could have stopped there, but didn’t.

Asus understands the modern consumer also needs power on the go and has made the battery pack removable with dual USB 3.0 ports to charge your gadgets while out and about. This dual purpose, world-first built-in UPS is a nice innovation that should be copied by other PC makers.


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