Asus bringing a 32” 4K monitor to Computex



Ahead of the Computex conference in Taipei next week, Asus has announced a brand new 4K Monitor. Most of our 4K focus has been on large screen TVs, but definitely another potential use for the extra resolution is desktop monitors.

In this case the PQ321 monitor is 32”, tiny compared to the 84” TVs, but large when compared to current monitor sizes. Right now for instance I’m sitting in front of 2×27” monitors, but with a single 32” 4K monitor, I could achieve a higher resolution.

My current setup results in 3840×1200, whereas the Asus PQ321 is 3840 x 2160. This would easily accommodate not just productivity apps, but multiple at the same time. Just remember you will need a decent video card to drive that kind of resolution through the dual-HDMI ports.

There’s no word on price, but expect it to be around the price of a healthy kidney. Asus will also offer a 39” model as well as the 31.5” 4K Monitor, both of which will be displayed at Computex.

More info @ TechPowerup via PCPercpective

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